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I help big-hearted solopreneurs lose overwhelm and find joy in their creative life and work.

Together, we can embark on a journey to build an authentic home for your business, both online and offline. If you’re ready to get intentional, aligned and clear away the clutter, let’s get started…

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Rethinking happiness

Rethinking happiness

Recently I was introduced to the concept of Stoicism, and I'm finding it fascinating. I've never given it much though before, dismissing it as something cold and emotionless, but I'm beginning to...

Online shops I love( that aren’t Amazon)

Online shops I love( that aren’t Amazon)

Like so many people this year, I've been making a real effort to buy from small or independent businesses rather than lining Jeff Bezos' pockets even further. I do admit there is the odd thing I've...

Hi there!

I’m Rhiannon. I love to create and I create with love.

I made the leap to solopreneur-ism 5 years ago when I set up my own business. As well as designing websites, I create my own art, spend hours doing all kinds of crafts, and am also a creative collaborator at The Dept. of Kindness.

I live near Bath in the West Country of the UK, where I spend 6 months of the year trying not to eat my body weight in cream teas.

Rhiannon Adler