It’s ok if you’re struggling to share your work at the moment.

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1 May 2020

So am I.

Lately I’ve found it really tough to put myself and my work out there in the world.

Being seen takes courage even at the best of times, and right now fear and stress is so heightened that taking that leap of courage feels like one of the hardest things to do.

It doesn’t help that we are currently living in a world where the language of fear is everywhere – I’ve been noticing people using “shoulds” left, right and centre. I’ve seen emails, adverts and social media posts telling me I ’should’ be losing weight before lockdown ends, ‘should’ be caring for myself ‘properly’, ‘should’ be offering my services, ‘should’ be offering my services for free, or even ’shouldn’t’ be offering anything at all.

I dislike ‘shoulds’ of any kind, so I wanted to reach out with an alternative:

You don’t have to do anything because someone tells you that you ’should’. Although we’re all going through a shared experience, none of us is having quite the same experience as anyone else. There’s nothing wrong with doing what is right for you in this moment.

If I have any advice to give at the moment, it’s to follow your own inner guidance, and try not to be influenced by what other people are telling you that you ’should’ be doing. You are the only person who truly knows what is best for you.

With that in mind, remember that it’s ok if you decide that now is not the right time to share your work.

And it’s ok if you decide that now actually is the right time to share your work.

It’s also ok if you’re just finding it really tough to connect with what you actually want and make any decisions at all.

For the past 7 weeks, I’ve been making a conscious choice not to share. I didn’t know where I fitted in the world for a while, and sharing just felt like too much. A lot of my old fears and behaviour patterns came out of the woodwork in full force, and just getting through each day felt like wading through treacle. Lately though, I’ve made a decision to face my fears down, and so next week I’ll be sharing a brand new offering that I’ve been working on this year.

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I’m still open for business as usual. Here’s a few ways I may be able to help you at the moment:

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