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4 seo questions to ask yourself

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11 February 2021

Thinking about spending some time getting into your SEO?

Being clear on your priorities and the reason you’re working on your SEO can really provide direction and focus, making things oh so much easier… so below I’ve suggested a few questions you could ask yourself before getting started!

1. How do my clients find me?

Ask yourself how you currently get customers and clients, and whether you’re happy with this. If all your customers come through word of mouth and you are running a successful business through that, is it really worth devoting a lot of time to working on your SEO?

SEO is specifically intended to make it easier for people to find you on search engines, so if being found through search engines isn’t a priority for you then perhaps neither is SEO! Just because other people tell you SEO is important, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s important to you.

It’s absolutely fine if SEO is a priority for you, it just helps to be clear on this yourself!

2. What does success mean to me?

We each have our own version of success, so be clear about what is meaningful to you and hold true to your values. It’s helpful to ask what you see SEO success to be. What are you aiming for? If you’ve answered this with “to rank first on Google”, then go deeper. Firstly ask yourself WHAT you want to be known for, and secondly ask yourself WHY you want to rank first. What do you think this would give you? Clients? Money? Recognition? What is it that you are truly hoping for? There’s no right or wrong answer here – just your own answer to be aware of. If you understand what it fundamentally is that you are hoping to achieve, it can help open up new avenues – both within SEO and beyond.

3. Who do I want to find me?

Do you have an idea of the kind of person you are wanting to reach on search engines?

Who are they?
How old are they?
What problems are they searching for solutions for?
How can you help them?

The answers to these kinds questions can help guide you towards some language to use on your website and for your SEO keywords.

4. Am I willing to sacrifice originality?

Depending on how far down the SEO rabbit hole you want to go (it can be endless), there is often a point where you need to ask yourself whether it’s more important for you to get your content super SEO-optimised or keep the originality of your content.

Trying to achieve ‘perfect’ SEO scores with your content can de-humanise what you are creating. It’s your own unique voice – your flair – that people are drawn to, so be cautious of sacrificing this for SEO. At the end of the day, is it really worth getting loads of website visitors if they don’t turn into customers at the end?

Even Google itself warns against this, and maintains that it’s important to create websites and content for your customers first and foremost.

What are you hoping to get out of your SEO? I’d love to hear! Pop a comment below 👇



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