Coaching for creatives

Lose overwhelm. Find joy.

Are you ready to live a creative, intentional, aligned life?

To find focus and take consistent action to get to where you want to be?

To find the courage and motivation to be unapologetically you?

Perhaps you’re at a crossroads in your existing business, and can’t move forward for the confusion in front of you, or perhaps you dream of running a business but can’t seem to get it off the ground.

Wherever you are in your journey, I want to help you build a business you love. One you’re proud to share with the world, that suits your unique needs. I believe the best person that knows what’s best for you…is YOU, and together we can uncover what you truly want and need from your creative business.

It can be tough to step over the threshold and create real lasting change in life. Sometimes you need someone to walk beside you on your journey, to help you clear out the clutter and find the path that your soul sings for. In Creative Coaching, I’m beside you every step of the way.

you have the courage

During our sessions together, we’ll focus on whatever you need to build a sustainable, successful business, defined entirely by your own terms.

We might start to uncover limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour, but we’ll work on creating new ones, exploring what really matters to you and building confidence in your own individual  strengths and creative style. We’ll go at a pace that suits you, and I’ll be there to keep you accountable to showing up intentionally and authentically in your work.

So are you ready? Are you committed to put in the time and work needed to start living the creative life you crave?

Creativity… in its truest sense

You don’t have to be an artist to be a creative. I coach creative solopreneurs, and by that I mean anyone who is a creator – and who is creative.

Perhaps what you create in your work is something physical with your hands, but perhaps your creativity lies in other directions too. Do you create art? Courses? New class routines? New ways of viewing the world? Paradigm shifts? Solutions? Change?

If you consider yourself a creative soul, and you run your own business, you are a creative solopreneur, and my coaching is intended for you.


The Creator’s struggle

As a creative, you’re probably bursting with passion, inspire people without even realising, and live for self-expression. But perhaps you struggle to fully show up in the world as your true authentic self. You might feel that you have so much to give, but something is holding you back.

What’s holding you back might be one of these…

  • Believing you’re not creative
  • Believing your work isn’t good enough
  • Comparing yourself to other people
  • Fearing rejection or criticism
  • Having a head full of ideas, and struggling to focus on just one
  • Overwhelm and burnout
  • Perfectionism
  • Not believing it’s possible to make money from creativity

If you recognise yourself above, know that you’re not alone – these are the eternal struggles of the creator. They don’t have to be guiding your ship though. It’s possible to remove your internal barriers and start living intentionally with your own internal compass to guide you. I know because I’ve done it, and I can help you do it too.

I work with creative solopreneurs because as one myself I understand the specific challenges we face. My secret weapon is my ability to untangle things and to help people find their own solutions. In coaching, we can unravel your biggest struggles, and start to explore new beliefs, tools and techniques to help you start to make significant, sustainable and long-lasting change in your business and creative life.

Let’s create change together

Your coaching journey will be tailored to whatever you specifically want to focus on. During our time together, we can make all kinds of fantastic things happen in your business. Here’s just a few things we can do together:


Get your new business off the ground


Clarify and create a new product or offering


Lay long-lasting foundations to build a thriving, successful creative business


Plan out and launch a website


Re-work your existing offerings


Walk through the tech nitty gritty and set up systems that work for you


Take the leap to start sharing your services more with the world


Uncover your own style of working, planning and keeping motivated and accountable


Create a working week that suits your needs


Break projects down into maneagable chunks, and take consistent action


Price your work so you can get paid fairly for what you do

Why choose me

I started my business as a web designer over 5 years ago, and I quickly realised that my clients needed support with more than just a website; they needed help navigating the transitions in their business. I’ve been helping my clients uncover their true purpose and passion in their work for many years now.

I’ve lived with a chronic illness for 14 years, and it’s meant I’ve had to learn how to create a life and working day that best supports me and my wellbeing. It’s helped me journey to the heart of who I am, learn to live in the moment, appreciate the things in life that really matter, and try to live in full acceptance of myself and others around me.

Above all things, it’s made me wholeheartedly believe that nobody knows what’s best for us better than ourselves. We each have our own journey to take, and my job is to guide you to find your own path, not to tell you which one to follow.


You can get to know more about me, my ethos and my working style on my About page, on my Blog, through my Freebies and on my Instagram.

The coaching package

Make some real, lasting change in your business over a few months.

My favourite Italian expression ‘in fondo in fondo’ means deep down, and that’s exactly where we’ll go in this intensive course of coaching.

Every call will be tailored to whatever you need to work through in each session, and at your pace, so we can really uncover what you truly need and want from your creative business. I’m there to support you along your journey of discovery.

3 months

5x 60-minute Zoom calls
Recorded calls


Can be paid in 2 or 3 monthly instalments

How it works

To find out whether we’ll be a good fit together, book a free 15-minute call. This gives us an opportunity to meet & talk through what you hope to get out of coaching.

Once you’re onboard, we’ll jump on a 60-minute Zoom call every 2 or 3 weeks, where we’ll catch up on your progress, talk through any lessons you’ve learned, barriers, struggles or confusion, and set some intentions, goals and tasks for you to move forward with over the next few weeks. You’ll have access to recordings of all our calls, and I’ll email you any specific action points.

I’ll touch base between calls to see how you’re getting on, and if you need any extra support, I’m only an email away.

I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.


Get started with your free 15-minute call.

We’ll find out if we’re a good fit together, talk through what you hope to get out of coaching, and you can ask me any questions you might have.