Clarity Calls

Bite-size coaching for your creative business

Struggling to focus? Lost motivation? Can’t get your head around a problem?

Lose the overwhelm and find more joy in your creative business today with a Clarity Call.

My Clarity Calls are 1:1 standalone Zoom calls where you can talk something over, have an ideas generation session, get an inspiration boost or a bit of guidance on your creative journey.

Whether you’re an existing client with me or not, you can book a single call with absolutely no obligation to follow up with anything else afterwards. No strings attached. If you do choose to purchase any of my website or coaching packages after our call however, I’ll take the cost of the call off the cost of your package. It’s a great way to dip your toe in.

After our call I’ll send you notes on what we discussed, links to any relevant resources and an outline of any intentions, goals or action plans we created together.

This is a space for you to discuss whatever you need, and get some support to build and grow your creative business – online or offline.

“Speaking with you helped me to realise that I am on the right path and that the answers I’m looking for are already inside me. Prior to the call, I felt pulled in many directions and as if I wasn’t being strategic. Now I feel much calmer and with a greater sense of purpose and clarity, which has helped me move forward.”

Meredith Hutter, USA

Clarity calls are great for:

  • Getting out of your head and talking a problem through with another creative
  • Finding focus when you have a zillion ideas
  • Getting guidance about setting up a creative business
  • Clarifying the services you want to offer
  • Breaking down a project into manageable chunks
  • Questions about build-your-own websites
  • Unravelling overwhelm
  • Brainstorm sessions
  • Uncovering what you really want and need, so you can create a business that is truly aligned with who you are
  • Running a website audit with the guidance of a designer
  • Dipping your toe into the water to see what a coaching session with me is like
  • Talking through the pros and cons of self-build websites vs hiring a designer, and working out what might be the best path for you
  • Creating aligned action plans

…and so much more. You bring the problem, I’ll be there to listen.

What it costs