About me

I believe in living and working from the heart.

Fundamentally, it’s what my business – and this website -is about. For me, it’s key to feeling good, and staying well and happy, and I love to spread that around a little.

I jumped into solopreneurism in 2015 after I realised that more traditional methods of office work just weren’t allowing me to fully express myself. Ironically though, for the first few years I didn’t actually allow myself to, well, BE myself in my business. My doubts and fears stuck fast, and I tried hard to fit into self-constructed boxes of ‘graphic/web designer’ and ‘crafter’. I ran two separate businesses, because I didn’t feel it was ‘normal’ to bring all aspects of myself under one roof.

Unsurprisingly, neither businesses were fully satisfying.

I wasn’t being true to who I was. With the help of my mentor, I got the courage to change things up, and bring all my endeavours under one roof – this roof! I am a web designer, a crafter, and an artist. I am a creator, an explorer and a collaborator. I am all these things, and so much more.

Ultimately, my personal intention is to spread more acceptance, playfulness and inspiration. The world is what we make it, and that’s definitely what I’d like it to be.

Rhiannon x