About me

I believe in living and working from the heart.

Fundamentally, it’s what my business – and this website -is about. For me, it’s key to feeling good, and staying well and happy, and I love to spread that around a little.

I jumped into solopreneurism in 2015 after I realised that more traditional methods of office work just weren’t allowing me to fully express myself. Ironically though, for the first few years I didn’t actually allow myself to, well, BE myself in my business. My doubts and fears stuck fast, and I tried hard to fit into self-constructed boxes of ‘graphic/web designer’ and ‘crafter’. I ran two separate businesses, because I didn’t feel it was ‘normal’ to bring all aspects of myself under one roof.

Unsurprisingly, neither businesses were fully satisfying.

I wasn’t being true to who I was. With the help of my mentor, I got the courage to change things up, and bring all my endeavours under one roof – this roof! I am a web designer, I am a crafter; I am a creator and I am an explorer. I am all these things, and so much more. Ultimately, my personal intention is to spread more acceptance, playfulness and inspiration. The world is what we make it, and that’s definitely what I’d like it to be.

My journey

It’s been quite a journey for me to get to a place where it feels ok to express my true self in my business, and do things my own way. It certainly doesn’t come easily, and there has been no ‘lightbulb’ moment where all my internal struggles vanished and my life changed. Far from it. It’s been a working progress for years, and remains so to this day. I’ve had M.E. for over 10 years, after I came down with glandular fever in my last year of university. I spent years trying to fit into a more ‘normal’ working life, before a major M.E. and depression relapse in 2014 made me have a serious life re-evaluation. I was putting work before my health, and I wasn’t working and living in a way that made my heart sing. Time to change. And so I have. The full details are a story for another time, but since then I’ve been learning how to live truly authentically, and look after myself in the best way I can. I discovered the calm of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, and re-remembered the bliss the very simple things can bring me. I took time to be outside in nature, and started to understand how important the small things are to my everyday wellbeing. I re-trained. I actually took International Development at university, but afterwards, while working in communications for a charity, I realised how much I loved design, and I explored. During my relapse, crafting was a comfort and a joy for me, and I remembered how I’d always loved making things. Some of my warmest childhood memories are of being at home with my mum, baking cakes, playing with paper mâché, making cards for loved ones or whatever else happened to take our fancy. I took courses, found fun workshops to do, and generally enjoyed learning new skills. I learned that I am a creator at heart, and I have an endless enthusiasm for generating. I learned that my work shines brightest when I create with heart. And I learned that ultimately, I need to do these things in alignment with my values in life to get any satisfaction from what I am doing. So this is what I am trying to put out into the world. I definitely don’t proclaim to have all the answers – we all have our own answers to find – but I am willing to ask all kinds of questions and explore, and I hope I inspire you to do some exploration of your own. If I can help even one person share their voice with the world, it’ll be a job well done for me.   Rhiannon x


I share joyful moments, inspiration, business musings and the odd cake recipe on my Instagram.

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